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Anchor my Navasana

My first love a.k.a Yoga

In meditation, swami’s speak to their students about the beauty of anchors. These can be the drishti eye focuses and quiet rhythms of nature you choose to observe in your sacred space. The purpose of an anchor is to (like a boat anchor) avoid drifting away from that very space in time. It is truly one of the blessings to meditation, your, constant so to speak.

Some of meditation anchors over my years of practice have been: listening to breathe, feeling my heart pound beneath my chest and staring at a lotus flower.

I bring up this topic as a reflection on my yoga practice. When speaking with a friend. I mentioned the constants in my life, and to me it was my Yoga that was always there for me. Not only the asanas I practiced but the personal journey behind leading a more yogic life.

To me, yoga is my constant, my anchor that has always brought my souls energy back into my heart. It has healed me, soothed me and lit my inner flame when it was low. My soul is the Navasana floating along my journey and yoga has helped me to ground, anchor my way back into all encompassing love and gratitude. So with this I am peace. Thank you Yoga!

A guru once said to me “Without Yoga you would not live”, therefore I sail through my journey with yoga as my anchor. With this whatever way I float I know Yoga will be there to support me.

“Dear Yoga, Will you marry me? Love Jac”

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