Sleep is such a big part of my life it is easily one of my favourite daily pleasures. It is deemed the peaceful time where you can reflect, snuggle with your special someone and just let go. It is our internal chamber, temple and dream weaver. It is the time you reward your physical bodies and allow your subconscious mind to weave stories, which carry the meanings of our life’s purpose.

Not only famous authors and intellects come up with amazing ideas at this time of day dreaming, lucid or awake dreaming, which happens as we fall asleep or start to awaken. I too have had some of the best creative ideas of my life, whilst I had my eyes closed and not fully present in my body.

I have been chatting recently about how sleep doesn’t always come so easily. It has been the talking point of my colleagues and myself. Usually feeling the lack of or the struggle to fall into slumber. I found myself pondering more and on how something so simple could have such a large impact on our creativity sparks and general mood.

If you’re a parent you’re missing it and feeling the deprivation (I send you all naps and hugs) altering your moods. As you grow you sleep in intervals awaking for food and as you age you sleep less and rise early at the anxiety of what that new day will hold. I guess sleep could be the promise of hope, the easing of suffering and the quantum leap from the awareness of earthly reality.

Lets face it when you’ve had no sleep your emotions can run you in circles and what would normally be a peaceful day can seem like a tough ride. Some of you might struggle with actually unwinding and moving into dreamland as this precious quiet time can be the only avenue to catch up, on your passion projects like reading a juicy novella, answering important emails and enjoying intimate conversations with your partner.

Anxiety and imbalances of any kind can lead to hours of lying awake trying to will yourself to sleep and as I am also well aware can be quite frustrating. With this in mind I suggest to “clean” your mind from overstimulation via media and look at preparing the body and mind to slow down and let go of all your earthly and egoic needs for now… sometimes easier said hey?!

When people ask me about getting to sleep I always praise the practice of meditation and the importance of an evening ritual. It is said by “ “ that at least an hour before you go to sleep it is most important to filter the amount of music, television and stimulation we are receiving. This is one big way to control the environment you’re in for the best sleeping conditions.

These hours or hour prior are the most crucial influences to how we dream and re-programming the subconscious before you hit the pillow is within your capabilites. I must say this again, you have the ability to create and weave your dreams. With a few simple guidelines you can assist in making this experience effortless, loving and influential to the rest of your life.

After reading and listening recently about dream weaving and hearing other peoples experiences with trying to get to sleep. It made me more interested to delve into this topic more. I have read and chatted to healers in the about astral traveling and quantam leaping, both which scared and interested me, even though they too were only forms of deep meditation and subconscious control so to speak. I was intrigued at how all this creativity we weave in our sleep time had the power to affect mine and other’s in such real ways. I was no stranger to the deeper meditations and loved the shamanic journeys I would go on in sound healing and shaman totem meditation practice. So venturing in this area is not so new to me but there were still aspects I wanted to understand and also help myself and others to create dreams of success and good fortune.

When I came across an angel book about lucid dreaming (when you are aware you are dreaming) I tried a technique called ‘The Tibetan hand technique’, mind you this was whilst I was away for work and had a 4.50am wake up call (not my smartest move, I know) and it really proved to me how powerful our sub conscious mind is. Our minds are sooo powerful, I cannot say this enough!

In this technique you start by studying your hand completely and connecting your subconscious mind with the connection of this hand reminding you that you’re dreaming. I must say my experience was quite extraordinary, to the point where I saw my hand 2-3 times that night and also had quite a light sleep. I woke up earlier than my alarm clock, which mind you was super early and found that this technique definitely made an impression on my sub conscious mind. So simple and yet so effective to my little self that it made me ponder on working on other techniques to help me repeat dream destinations and dream types. This was to be practiced whilst I had a few days off to deter from having the best nights sleep possible.

So we come back to our evening ritual and meditation. Here we can control our environment with high vibration sounds, smells and visual aids. Maybe you would like to have a warm shower, do some stretches, open the window for fresh air, burn some essential oils or even sip on a herbal tea (without caffeine). From here we can use the soothing voice of a guided meditation until just before we fall asleep (turning it off is just as important) or reading something beautiful for the soul to ingest.


May your sleep be a peaceful one, where you travel to places you love and cherish.

Namaste`my beloved ones xo

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